Railway RRB CBT 2018/2019: 7 Tricks & Tips to Face Computer Based Test

RRB CBT Tips and Tricks: Railway Recruitment Board has started implementing the Computer Based Test for Group C & Group D Exams. So that candidates inevitably have to be able to do it using a computer that may be unfamiliar to it. Railway department has also cleared that only computer based online examination will be taken for further future recruitment projects.

So today we have brought some  tips which will help candidates who going to participate in railway computer exam

7  tips that you can use when preparing for RRB CBT – Computer Based Test.

RRB CBT Tips Tricks

  1. Prepare and practice before the exam.

Preparation as usual. Study diligently and diligently. Now, this is a mandatory preparation that you don’t want to miss. Without doing the exercises, of course you will not be ready to face the various questions that arise.

The practice questions will provide a lot of insight into various questions that might come out during CBT. Often facing practice questions, you can predict what material will appear later.

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  1. Practice with Computer

The name online test  is certainly carried out using a computer. Therefore, you must be able to master computer use. You also need to know computer terms.

For those of you who rarely touch computers, it’s time to practice. Practice holding a mouse. How to left or right click right.

There are several things that you must master. First is how to login. You must already know the RRB CBT  login mechanism. RRB will share link of Mock Test before few days from exam and this will help you to understand how to login and how to give RRB computer based test.

And, finally, get used to the computer screen. This is very important because it will relate to your stamina when working on the question. Don’t let your eyes get tired during RRB Computer Based Test

  1. Practice with Mock Test

Candidates will easily be able to practice the exam with the help of a mock test. Railway will release the Mock test test a few days earlier. For the first time, computer-based examinations are being organized for Group D’s positions. That is why railway candidates are giving the facility of mock test.

In addition, practice questions will give you the opportunity to strategize in working on questions. That strategy will help you maximize the time to do the questions so that there is no time wasted just to do one problem.

  1. Practice searching for keywords

Computer exams are different from paper-based exams. On the computer exam the eye will see the screen. Too long looking at the screen will make the eyes tired. Therefore, practice finding keywords from long questions, especially Indonesian and English. By practicing searching for keywords, answers will be found.

  1. Keep practicing manual counting

Although computer-based exams do not mean you will count using an electronic or computer. In Mathematics and Natural Science tests that require calculations, you will get opaque paper to calculate manually.

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  1. Practice working on problems quickly

Just like working on paper-based questions, computer-based exams also have an automatic time every time you enter the RRB CBT application. What makes it different is that you don’t get extra time like paper-based exams. As soon as time runs out, the application will close automatically. If you run out of time, then you can’t repeat again.

  1. Preparing Physical and Mental

Physical preparation is important if you want to get give best performance in RRB upcoming CCBT. For that, you must maintain your health and fitness. If you like to exercise, use your hobby to maintain fitness.

In addition, as already said before, practice the strength of eye stamina. Don’t let your eyes get tired quickly when you look at the computer screen.

To train, you do not push yourself staring at a computer screen for too long. Simply get used to the light from the screen. If you look too long, the computer screen will certainly have a negative impact, one of which is reducing your vision.

Mental preparation is also important part of RRB CBT Tips, you know ! Because, if you are mentally untrained, it will cause panic during RRB CBT Onlin Examination

Mental training to deal with RRB CBT is quite easy. First, you must be used to being calm in any situation. When you panic, make it a habit to take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Doing that will certainly make you more calm.

Next, practice your confidence. To practice it, you just get used to being sure of whatever you are doing. By often training your confidence, you will be used to being calm and confident when doing something.

So, physical and mental preparation is important enough to face the test. If you do not make RRB CBT preparations, then you will panic and be tired when implementing.

That is the RRB Computer Basked Test Trips & Tricks

That would be tips for preparing yourself for the upcoming Railway Computer Based Examination (CBT) 2018/2019. After the preparation, don’t forget to keep praying and asking for your parents’ blessing.

Updated: October 4, 2018 — 1:58 pm

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