8 Ways to Overcome Anxiety During Exams

Everyone must have felt anxious, especially when facing certain conditions such as when working on exam questions. Feeling nervous before doing the test is normal and can help sharpen your mind and focus of attention.

But excessive anxiety will be very annoying and make you miserable when you have to do exam questions. Anxiety can affect anyone, whether you are elementary, middle school students, students, or employees who have to take a test to improve their careers and get certified.

Here are some instructions to help reduce anxiety while working on an exam, based on the presentation of a psychiatrist: 

1. Learn how to learn efficiently 

Your school may have its own techniques and ways to help you understand the lessons given. You will feel more relaxed if you can systematically learn and practice the material to be tested.

2. Form a habit 

Form a learning method that you think is suitable and effective and do it every time you will do a test. This method will reduce your stress level and help ensure that you have prepared everything well.

3. Learn relaxation techniques 

There are a number of things you can do right before and during the test to help you stay calm and confident. Do some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, relaxation of muscles, or close your eyes and imagine positive results.

4. Don’t forget to eat and drink 

Just like the muscles in the body, the brain also needs fuel to continue to function. Eat enough so that you don’t feel hungry when taking the exam. Avoid drinks containing too high sugar such as soda pop, which can cause blood sugar to rise and fall. Also avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee because it can increase anxiety.

5. Sports 

Regular aerobic exercise, and exercise before the exam, can help relieve tension.

6. Enough sleep 

Sleep is directly related to academic achievement. Teenagers and teenagers are especially important to get enough and regular sleep.

7. Communication with the teacher 

Make sure you understand what will be tested and know exactly how to prepare it. Let the teacher know that you are anxious. Because that way, maybe he will give advice or help you release tension.

8. Professional counselors 

Speech therapy (psychotherapy) with a psychologist or other mental health worker is sometimes needed, to help with problems with your feelings, thoughts and behavior that might worsen anxiety.

Updated: November 21, 2018 — 3:31 pm

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